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Contemporary Art

Why you should always have an inter-sectional artist

There are several factors that overlap with the identity of an individual. Some of these factors include race, sexuality, caste, class, culture, religion, economic class, religion, gender as well as the background. Intersectionality involves knowing and understanding all these factors with an aim of fighting for equality. Consequently, inter- sectionality involves recognizing the web of these overlapping factors that cause the discrimination faced by a certain group of people. In the fight for equality, it is very necessary to have the inter-sectional artists who can fight with us in this fight that seems to be impossible to win. One of the inter-sectional artists that have been there fighting for the equality of all her clients and other individuals is Diana Yoo. In her fight, she makes use of contemporary art so that she can fight for the freedom of her people. She believes that without intersectionality, the fight for freedom is very impossible. Therefore, she wants people to know that:

Intersectionality is everything in life

Intersectionality just like contemporary art helps people approach every aspect of life with an understanding that there are so many things that define the identity and nature of an individual and the identity of another person is different from the others. Therefore, the inter-sectional artist makes people aware of what defines them and what defines others. By doing this she helps people appreciate themselves and stop comparing themselves with the others.

Intersectionality supports the young generation

Young people are always seen as people who do not have the power to fight for themselves. For this reason, they are denied so many rights and responsibilities in life, especially by the elder people in the community. Therefore, Diana Yoo advocates for equality even for these young generations. She ensures that the suppressed and trampled voices of the young people become meaningful again.

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